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PIRANHAZ! Go Fish With Teeth is played in traditional "Go Fish" style, with a twist. If you have the head of a fish, you play it in front of you rummy style. Whoever has the next piece of that fish, may on their turn steal it and place that fish in front of them. Fish continue to grow and swim around the table until they are completed from head to tail. At that point a fish is yours to keep - UNLESS... someone plays an Oil Spill on you and makes you throw back your catch, Pollutes Your Catch, makes you lose a turn by making you Forget Your Bait, Checks your Fishing License and looks at the cards in your hand, Catches Everyone in the Trawling Net and everyone has to trade hands, or worst of all they play the PIRANHA and devour your catch as their own! Unless of course you already Stuffed & Mounted it to protect it! Everyone can enjoy this game where fortune can change in one round. Piranhaz! Go Fish With Teeth is a sure family favorite.

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