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is the all-new, classic game of Cat and Mouse, challenging players of nearly all ages to test their reflexes, strategy, and skills in a game of fast-paced family fun! Kids and parents alike will find Pounce’s brand of rapid paced play both competitive and addicting! Kids learn Pounce! in 30 seconds flat and are entertained for hours! Parents will be delighted to learn that Pounce! reinforces basic math skills with an element of competition that is irresistible! Everyone is a winner with Pounce! where any mouse can become a cat in the blink of an eye!

POUNCE!-Ed is the great expansion pack for Pounce!, increased math capabilities with ten-sided dice, use trigger words instead of numbers with parts of speech dice and alphabet dice, and color-spot dice for younger children. Pounce!-Ed includes 6 extra mice (the more the merrier!), 2 Ten Sided Dice, 2 Parts of Speech Dice, 2 Alphabet Dice, and 1 Color spot die. If you've got Pounce!, be sure to get Pounce!-Ed.


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